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until election day, president obama is hoping for the backing of young people as he gets ready for a visit to mtv. hallie jackson tells us it may not be as much of a slam dunk as it was four years ago. good morning. >> hello. that is because experts say this year there is less excitement among younger voters about the election. although some college students we spoke with said in a specific reasons for hitting the polls. >> i am ready. >> william is excited to vote for the president for the first time ever nephew's old enough, some of his college classmates agree it is a great thing. >> it is important everyone votes. >> it is important that everyone lets their voice be heard. >> there boating two different ways. >> one is for obama. >> his health care plan should help my family. >> other pro-romney. >> the national debt plan. >> but mitt romney have a bottle when it comes to voters under 30. two-thirds of them voted for president obama and 2008. a harford poll showing less enthusiasm among the younger plan. >> the youth vote will not come out as much as it did in 2008. but he
president obama as actual ballot. >> and a vote early in nevada. i have come to nevada to ask you for your vote. >> the president visited vegas as part of the rowland campaign for this weekend. crisscrossing the country from colorado, to california or irritate the tonight show. >> we are pulling an all- nighter. no sleep. >> mitt romney also visited nevada. >> we all know he is out of ideas and out of excuses. and in november you will put him out of office. several polls put him even with obama. as we head into the homestretch, political experts point out that national polls matter less than once in a key swing states where the battle will likely come back to the wire. >> the state complied are iowa, wisconsin, new hampshire, those are the ones coming down to the last sort of minute deciding who is going to win. >> and some of these last minute states will be in the spotlight today, too, is that have been. president obama will be a florida and virginia wrapping up a 24 hour toure. mitt romney goes through ohio. >> we understand both candidates waiting in on the indiana senate comments sayi
and president obama are vigorously preparing for their third and final face-off, leaving democrats and republicans to hammer it out on the sunday talk shows. >> i think the president has a very strong record in foreign policy. he went after bin laden. he decimated al qaeda. he has restored our alliances. >> governor romney lived overseas for several years as a missionary and worked in international business for many years. as governor of massachusetts, dealt with international relations as a governor. he dealt with the entire world in helping to rebuild the winter olympics. >> at lynn university in florida, crews are setting the stage for the face-off. expect to hear about the war in afghanistan, civil unrest in syria, and iran's nuclear defiance. a political analyst underscores the importance of this debate. >> i think you see that debates do matter. foreign policy and national security have been strengths for the president. basically throughout his presidency. he has a good resume on that. up until this libya attack, where four americans were killed. governor romney has made some
in the middle east. >> president obama and governor romney also disagreed on the size and the budget of the military. >> our navy is smaller now than anytime since 1917. the navy said they needed 313 ships to carry out their mission. >> we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed. we have aircraft carriers, where planes land on them. >> on china. >> china can be our partner. but that doesn't mean they can roll all over us and steal our jobs on an unfair basis. >> governor romney is right. you are familiar with jobs being shipped overseas because you invested in companies that shipped jobs overseas. we can start rebuilding america. that is what my plan does. making sure that we're bringing manufacturing back to our shores. so that we're creating jobs here. >> the president's path means 20 million people out of work. i will get people back to work with 12 million new jobs. >> now it is a sprint to the finish line. the focus is to lock down votes in those states still up for grabs. >> we're down to the wire. >> the candidates are back on the ca
in a be under the age of 18. >> president obama and mitt romney hope the next 13 days prove to be lucky with the debates now over they are engaging in a cross-country race to rack up more votes. kaput >> the president alone today will cover 5000, more than 5,000 miles. mitt romney is keeping up the pace. >> wow. >> hello, florida. >> is a sprint across the country. ohio looms large as the place to be. the president has campaign here more than any other state and is heading back to ohio later this week. >> make some phone calls with me. we will win mcgovern county again. we will win ohio again. we will win the election again. >> mitt romney plans to hit ohio hard today, too. >> both campaigns try to get the vote out early. >> i want you to make sure to begin voting. early voting has already started. we want you to begin right now. >> the candidates are spending big bucks, nearly 1 billion on advertising. >> i will leave you in an open and honest way. i would like to be the next president of the united states. >> it is an honor to be your president. i am asking to your boat -- for your vo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5